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Welcome to Health MedicuKnow, where we uncover the truth about bodybuilding, weight training and just plain looking good. We strive to educate the masses in the REAL effects of Steroids, not the media-over hyped perception of steroids and the black eye that accompanies steroid experimenters or users.

Health Medicuknow offers you the chance to discuss the taboo subject of steroids with people from all over the world through our state of the art Discussion forum. In our Anabolic Discussion, not only can you openly discuss steroids and ask as many questions as you want, you also have the benefit of viewing our Anabolic Picture forum, as well as learning all the tricks of the trade from our Anabolic and Bodybuilding Articles forum.

But Health Medicuknow isn’t just a discussion about steroids. In our General Discussion section, we offer forums where people can discuss Dieting, Over-The-Counter supplements and Weight Training. There is even a forum dedicated to the Exchange of Health Food Recipes.

For the females who are interested in fitness, training, dieting, etc., there is also a forum dedicated to you. Our Female Forum is full of knowledgeable woman that love to share advice and tips that can help you to achieve your goals. Whether those goals are to look good or just to feel healthy again, there is always someone online to help you.

Health Medicuknow has also begun to expand its Competitive Bodybuilding Discussion. Get insightful information about Competitive Bodybuilding from the many our members who compete either locally or nationally. Talk about the Pro’s and Amateur’s and whom you feel is on top of the sport right now. There is also a section where you can find out about Bodybuilding Contests for you to attend as a spectator or even enter as a competitor that may be in your area. We also have a forum filled to the brim with Pictures of Pro’s and past Pro’s. Marvel at their physiques and set goals you never thought possible.

our members can also view pictures of the people in our community by checking out our Members Pics section. Don’t be shy, post a pics and let our members give you some constructive criticism on your physique.

Finally, the our staff likes to get to know its members, keep up to date with what the members likes and dislikes are, what suggestions they have for the site, any feedback, etc. And this is why our One-on-One with our Staff forum is so fitting. All topics started in this forum are for your eyes and the staff’s eyes only.

You may be asking yourself “Who monitors such a place? There must be some bad apples on such a board.” All the forums are monitored by our 17-person panel of Administrators and Moderators. Our exceptional group of Moderators makes sure the bad apples stay off our site and see to it that your experience is a great one. All of the Moderator’s names are at the top of each forum and they are readily accessible. If you see something that you don’t feel belongs on our board, simply let them know through the use of Private Messages or Email.

Last but not least, we are looking at adding an on line Supplement store so you can purchase all your favorite over-the-counter supplements right here. We promise great prices and unparalleled service.

So check us out, tell your friends about us and enjoy the experience just like many others.

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy and Stay Pleasing to the Eye,

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