6 Important Questions to Ask Yourself When Looking For a Quality Gym

1. Does the gym staff have some academic and life-experience education regarding weight training? If they don’t have a sports medicine or exercise science degree, they should at least have some sort of certification from a recognized organization such as the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

2. Is the gym clean and is the equipment well maintained? Check the seats on benches and machines and make sure they are stable. Make sure the cables do not appear worn and are likely to break.

3. Is the air in a gym fresh and well circulated? It should never smell stale or musty.

4. Is the temperature of the gym maintained at a level that won’t increase the possibility of injuries? Temperatures that are too cold make joint and muscle injuries more likely.

5. Does the gym you’re considering have any regularly scheduled follow-up evaluations of your progress? It’s essential to find out if they offer an initial orientation to equipment you don’t know how to use, but it’s also vital that they schedule times to reevaluate your program and vary the routine.

6. Does the gym have an emergency medical plan in place and are the staff members trained in CPR and first aid in case someone becomes ill or injured?

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