A Slow Metabolism Prevents Weight Loss

Researchers call the amount of calories that one burns doing nothing “resting metabolism” or “Basal Metabolic Rate” (BMR).  It is true that BMR can be important in helping to figure out how many calories a person needs every day, but there’s never been solid research showing that people with “slow metabolism” gain weight any faster than others.


In fact, as people gain weight their metabolism actually speeds up. The key to weight loss is to eat fewer calories and burn more.  Choose great tasting food that’s lower in calories, be careful with portion size and spend more time exercising.

Eating strictly vegetarian has been shown to be good for you.  There is excellent research to show that when people don’t eat meat they eat fewer calories than people who do.  The research is, however, often done under controlled circumstances where the vegetarian diet is also a lower fat diet.

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