Women:Tips to boost your bust!

Always wear a sports bra
Your breasts’ support structure is fragile, so when they’re constantly stretched as a result of wearing the wrong bra, they’ll eventually stop returning to their original position. Keep you bust pert and minimise sagging by wearing a sports bra when you exercise.

Fake your cleavage
Use make-up to create a shadow to make your bust look deeper and larger in a flash. Blend a light dusting of bronzer in the area down the middle of your chest, between your breasts and apply the colour upward and outwards to create a ‘V’.

Feed your skin
Moisturise your neck and décolletage daily as you would your face. These areas are thinner and much more sensitive than the skin on your rest of your body so can start to look crepey, and lose their firmness.

Wear the right clothes
If you have a big bust then avoid horizontal stripes across the chest, which will make your bust look wider. If you’re smaller on top, create a fuller look with ruffled or draping neck lines.

Straighten those shoulders
Having a poor posture can have a horrendous affect on how good your chest looks. Straighten your back, keep your shoulders level and lift your head high. Practise at home by walking around with a book on your head.

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