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Tracking Your Fitness Levels

Tracking Your Fitness Levels “Health is not a condition of matter, but of Mind.” –Mary Baker Eddy, Science and Health Mind Your Belt Buckle; Skip the Scale: In this high-tech world we live in, we sometimes forget the simple ways to do things. If you’ve already started a workout program and can’t seem to see … Read More


Women:Tips to boost your bust!

Always wear a sports bra Your breasts’ support structure is fragile, so when they’re constantly stretched as a result of wearing the wrong bra, they’ll eventually stop returning to their original position. Keep you bust pert and minimise sagging by wearing a sports bra when you exercise. Fake your cleavage Use make-up to create a … Read More


Why Asthma sufferers should consider wood flooring

Most asthma sufferers will tell you that many different things can trigger an asthma attack. Some will be affected by pollutants in the air, such as cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes, whilst others may find that animal hair or pollen can add to the discomfort already caused by allergies. Even stress and work or a … Read More